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About Judie


     Judie Treanor is a Psychic Medium from Long Island, New York. As a very young child Judie discovered that she was different from other children.  She had the amazing ability to see and speak to spirit.  Judie believes that her unique ability to communicate with those who have crossed over was passed down from her great grandmother.  Throughout her life, Judie has been under the close watch of her guardian angels and spirit guides. She has also had the strongest connection to her grandmother who passed many years before she was born.

      Judie is a healer giving comfort, inspiration, and encouragement to those who receive a reading from her. Sitters have described her style of reading as heartfelt and life changing while describing her ability as accurate, loving, and magical. 

     Judie is humbled and grateful for her ability to heal the heart and comfort the mind.  Her only desire is to serve and surrender to the process of helping and healing. She provides evidence of the continuity of life after death and brings forth a beautiful message from your loved ones.  

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