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"Thank you for the reading tonight and for your patience. You have an amazing gift. I felt so much love and reassurance with the messages you shared."


"My reading with Judie was amazing! Everything she told me was accurate and it amazed me how she knew things only I or my family would know. This reading was very healing for me and brought me the closure that I really needed. Judie is a warm, caring, and wonderful person! She is absolutely amazing! Truly wonderful! I can't say enough about this woman!! Thank you Judie for the messages you gave to me and for taking the time to see me!"

Jaimie, Long Island, NY

"Judie is a wonderful woman! Because of her I have lost all guilt. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart! She truly has helped me heal!

Clair, Long Island, NY

"I am so thankful having Judie in my life. She is a beautiful, caring, and completely accurate psychic medium. I have been able to clarify and overcome many personal situations thanks to Judie's phenomenal gift."

Amanda B, East Yaphank, NY

"My session with Judie was truly amazing, she is definitely blessed with a unique talent to connect with the departed. She had many messages for me. She absolutely revealed things nobody else knows. Judie made me feel connected and appreciated. I highly suggest a meeting with Judie if you want to be amazed!"

Annette, Shirley, NY

"My reading with Judith was by far the best reading that I have experienced. She was on point with what she said so real to all my connections. I will and I'm going to recommend her to my family and friends. So happy with my reading. Thank you Judith."

Gina, Holbrook NY

"My husband and I had the pleasure of having readings by Judie. She was so patient with our loved ones messages, paying close attention to every detail. She validated every detail including illnesses, the layout of our family home and pet. Our niece is getting married next year and her father has passed. Judie knew my husband was walking her down the aisle.  The messages given to us both were amazing. There was no way she would or could know what was shared. Our hearts have been heavy for so many years and we were so relieved that our family members that have passed are with us and are okay. Thank you Judie for sharing this wonderful gift with us."

Corrine & Dominick, NY

"My experience with Judie was life changing. Could not believe how accurate she was about my angels from up above. Didn't know her from a hole in the wall and she knew a lot about me, made me a believer, for sure. My heart is healed and I'm hoping Judie will do the same for you all! A weight has lifted off of my shoulders and so many questions I had are now FINALLY answered. Judie is simply inspirational! I enjoyed my experience would meet with her a thousand times again."

Amanda, Smithtown, NY

"My session with Judie was such a great and meaningful session. She told me things that were extraordinary. I left my session so happy and full of hope. She truly is a wonderful and special person. I can't thank her enough for my reading."

Sharon, NC

"Judie has a beautiful gift that helps us reconnect with our loved ones who have passed on. My reading was more than I had hoped and expected it to be, in the best way possible. I now have closure to questions I have been asking the skies that I never thought would have answered."

Ashleigh, Selden, NY

"I just want to thank Judie for a heartfelt reading I recently had with her. It's amazing how she touch upon the few very important people in my life. It felt good knowing that they are watching over me. I was really impressed on how my dad came through  and how I always smell the strong smell of smoke when he's around.  At first, I thought it was odd to smell smoke when there was no one around who smokes. I would smell smoke in my car, in my shop, and in my house. I don't smoke.  Then Judie confirmed that it was my dad coming through and the smoke smell lets me know he is very close to me. I smell the smoke when no one else does. So when I do smell it, I know my dad is right there with me. You gotta love it! Thanks again Judie. I love your home and you are a sweetheart."

Gloria, Riverhead, NY

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